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I am from the Northwest (Seattle, WA),  I started my career as a licensed professional 1993 in Bellevue, WA.  After, I became a licensed professional after attending Bellevue Beauty School, I traveled to Colorado to work in a Liberian African Braid Shop.  Because, I had a strong background in braiding, I thought it would be a good fit for me while in Denver,  later, I opened my own braiding salon. Several African and African American braid artist worked together with me in this braid shop!

I lobbied to create Colorado's Braid License 1998, I tried to transfer my Washington State License to Colorado, but could not, then I was told that I couldn't even braid hair without a license. I got really angry that the state simply overlooking other braid salons in operation at that time. I went and found a doctor who also was my state rep for my district in Denver. He accompanied to talk to the state board and filed documents to make the changes that would create a braid license. Colorado along with many other states in the US has decided since, that consumer protection is not that important if a braid artist is not using chemicals or pomades. We know that no one is going to braid dry hair without a product on the hair. And some of the advice that some of the braid artist give to the consumer can lead to fungus problems on the scalp. The state of Washington has informed me that when I see such problem, I am not permitted to conduct business with that person. And I have been told to send them away. Rather that asking for a braid artist license, I do think that Washington and every state should have a Sanitation License for braid artist, so that they will learn some basic practice's to stop the spread of fungus. A 16 to 32 hour online certificate I think is fare. However, I do intend to hire braid artist that will not have licensing, I will teach them myself.

I learned to braid on my own being inspired by braid artist in my community growing up in Seattle and Mrs Caroline Battle of New York; however Mrs. Velma Brooks of Dallas is who taught me braiding formally, I was allowed to work as an assistant educator along side her in the International Beauty Show, and I also assisted Rob Willis of Detroit Michigan other stylist educators as well. 


After leaving Denver in 2000, my work turned toward specializing in healthy hair care styling, weaving, and extensions. However, I do still braid hair from time to time; however, I am more interested in educating about extremely curly 4-c hair types for parents of newly adopted African/Black children or parents of biracial children.  I also feature braiding, weaving, and extension  classes out on location in group settings or you may come to Seattle for a one on one class

with me. If you would like to make an appointment for service's or one on one classes,

in Seattle, you may book your appointment online by clicking this

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Ms. De'Night De'Night