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At the age of 6, I began teaching myself how to braid. Growing up in Seattle, I found inspiration from local braid artists and admired the work of Mrs. Caroline Battles from New York, whose creations graced many hair and braid magazines. However, it was Mrs. Velma Brooks and her protégé from Dallas who formally instructed me in braiding. I had the honor of working as an assistant educator alongside Mrs. Brooks at the International Beauty Show, and I also assisted Rob Willis from Detroit, Michigan, among other educators.

I obtained my Cosmetology License in 1993 in Washington State. Shortly after, I moved to Oklahoma City and worked at Eddy Gains Salon. From there, I relocated to Denver, where I worked in various salons, including an African Braiding Salon, before eventually opening my own braid salon. After leaving Denver in 2000, I returned to the Seattle area, where my focus shifted to weaving and extensions. Although I still enjoy braiding hair, my passion lies in educating parents of newly adopted African/Black children or biracial children about caring for extremely curly 4-C hair types. I offer braiding, weaving, and extension classes both on location in group settings and through one-on-one sessions in Austin. To schedule an appointment or class in Austin, please book online by clicking the link "BOOK NOW"! All group classes will be held on location in a conference room setting. My work has been influenced by styles from all over the country, including Flint and Grand Rapids, Michigan, as well as Houston.

As a celebrity stylist, I've had the privilege of working with clients from various backgrounds, including major league players, actors, singers, local newscasters, comedians and a wide array of entertainers. Some clients have traveled several hours just to receive a style from me. I take great pride in the work I produce.

I work in a small setting in The Domain, Austin. On my social media accounts, I showcase styles that I've created, often through photo shoots with a photographer or by taking the photos myself. 

                            Thank you for your support!

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